Stop Apologizing for Who You Are


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Where you are is OK

Where you are is already perfect. Nobody needs to change because they aren’t good enough but because they want to grow.

It’s natural.

You already are good enough, you are perfect where you are, you don’t need to change to become a better person. You already are  that person.


if all kids believe and know that they are already perfect, and what lies in front of them is endless opportunities to learn and grow.

Not because they need to become better, but because they are destined to be great and fulfill their dreams.

Imagine what would happen if we all believed that. The competition would end. The self doubt and fears would dissipate. Only the desire for growth and expansion would remain, without any expectations or pressure. We would dare to believe in our dreams again and our minds would expand naturally and exponentially.

We are designed to change and grow, it is natural.

Everything in natures changes and grows. A seed grows into a tree or a flower.

Everything alive has unique capacities. A rose has the capacity to grow into a beautiful, colourful flower with a sweet, full fragrance. It’s talent is radiant colours and mesmerizing aromas.

Human being’s natural talent lies in the capacity to expand it’s powerful mind and the capacity to love and create.


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