Erna Stassen

If you want to live a happy, free, joyful, abundant life, why wouldn’t you find a life coach that can take you to the next level?

Who Am I?

Let me introduce myself to you so you can get to know me a little bit.


I feel mostly free and abundant. I live a vibrant, healthy life surrounded by loving people and supportive relationships.

I am no different than you.

I am just like you, experiencing life, learning and growing.

Loving and hurting.

Laughing and crying.

Playing and creating.

I am far from perfect, but I know I am enough, doing the best I can.
I am a dreamer and a manifester of my dreams.
I believe in the power of my mind and in my capacity to continue to grow.
I believe that where I am is perfect and that it is in my nature to grow and change.
I don’t need to change to become a better person, but I want to change because I have a desire to learn and grow.
I want to explore life, create new experiences and expand beyond my made up limitations.


I am curious and interested.
I love adventure and challenges.
I love being close to nature.

I love  outdoor activities

I love and enjoy life no matter what.

I love connecting with people and see them for who they really are.

I believe life is supposed to be full and abundant.

And when I forget because of challenges that come my way, I always find my way back to love and joy.

I had difficult times just like every one else. The most difficult ones are my best learning experiences and I embrace them as signposts on my journey:

  • The worst relationships were my greatest teachers about myself.
  • The worst health crisis was my best motivator to find myself.
  • My deepest losses were my most powerful catalysts for expanding the love in my heart.

I take full responsibility for how I feel, for how I respond to life and for what unfolds in my life.

I choose to live every day intentionally, instead of reactively. I choose to feel good and be Happy by Default.

Background and Credentials

Erna Stassen BSc. PT CHPC

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. I realized my dream to live, work and play in Canada when I immigrated to BC in 2003 and became a Canadian citizen.

I have bachelor degrees in kinetic science and physiotherapy. I worked with people of all ages, from baby to senior, in private practice, rehabilitation centres, hospitals, schools, and home and community care.

After a personal health crisis, I decided to start my own practice and I developed a treatment program in a warm water pool. I worked as a consultant in a chronic pain clinic and provided people with therapy at home.

After working in the health care system for over 25 years, I retired as a physiotherapist.

Life Coach

I trained to become a Coach. I invite people to transform their lives into  healthy, happy, productive, purposeful, and abundant lives. This means creating a life with meaningful relationships, a fulfilling lifestyle, and freedom.

Learning and researching is one of my passions, especially in the field of psychology, neuropsychology, self development, mindfulness and meditation. I love to learn and will never stop learning.

Helping others gain health and happiness has always been my main objective, realizing that this starts with me.