I am Light

happiness health love self-empowerment Apr 01, 2015

I am Light, you are Light, we are all Light.

Did you ever hear a song and all of a sudden emotions started welling up inside you? That just happened to me. I just heard this song, not for the first time, but somehow the words struck me this time. I have been contemplating these thoughts for a while now, and I am figuring out what choices to make that are truly in alignment with my inner self. Doubts about my abilities and the choices I made are making me feel small and scared. I think that is why this song, 'I am Light', triggered strong emotions in me this time and I had the urge to share this with you.

Please take the time to read this and contemplate with me. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below this post or on my Facebook page. I'd like to hear your experiences and thoughts. I am not trying to prove a point, I just want to provoke a different way of thinking.

Even though I was raised by a catholic family, I am not religious and never felt the truth of what the church was telling me, or maybe it was more the way they were preaching it. I never understood the deeper meaning; now I realize that what was missing for me was authenticity. I firmly believed in the goodness of people and the presence of something much more powerful than just my mind in my little body.

Even as a little girl my biggest fear was that I would not be loved and that I would not be happy. If someone would have asked me then what I wanted to be when I grew up, the honest answer should have been: 'I just want to be happy and to be loved'. Instead, I think I said I wanted to be a mother, later on, the answer was probably that I wanted to be a stewardess. I know, not very exciting.

These were the inauthentic answers stemming from cultural beliefs and structures we are all exposed to while growing up. We start thinking and believing what we are supposed to think and believe, and our reality is shaped by those beliefs. I became the 'good girl', pleasing people hoping for love in return.

I did not become a mother or a stewardess. I did lose myself for a long time and caused my parents and those around me some grief and upset.

How could it be that I did not conform to what was normal and expected?

I am grateful for this powerful light in me that made me stop living a life that was just not in alignment with who I was or wanted to be. I did not know then that this was going on. I was just a grumpy, unhappy, lost teenager, unable to continue with the daily habits I was supposed to have. I withdrew and quit school for a while.

The most powerful healing and happiness come from within and we all want to be happy and to be loved.

When do we stop noticing our inner voice and our inner light?

I am not sure. But I can see very clearly now that our inner light is covered up with conditioned beliefs from our culture and society.

Parents, school, university, our peers, media, medicine, and the government. Up to a point, this is useful to help us navigate society, life, and our environment in a safe way, so we can learn a lot of useful skills as well. But it should never be at the cost of compromising our true desires or our authenticity. Figuring out why we make the choices we make should be a daily habit. Are you making choices based on conditioned beliefs or are they conscious choices from within, guided by your inner light? If you feel something is missing in your life or if you are unhappy, it probably means you are not aligned with your inner self, and your choices are making you miserable.

I believe feeling unhappy and unhealthy stems from having lost our connection with our inner light and feeling disconnected from a higher source and all other beings. This separateness is expressed as competition, being opinionated and judgmental and feelings of lack and incompleteness. Often the world and the universe is viewed as unfriendly which triggers the need for protection, separating us even more. We identify with the made up structures that we were conditioned to create. Our job or career, our role in the family, how we look, or our fitness level. Mostly we feel we are not good enough, we don't have enough and our abilities to become better, healthier, and happier are limited by our, mostly unconscious, beliefs and habits.

What if we are enough, we deserve love, and we are not separate at all, but connected to each other and a universal source.

We are all one and we all want the same. Why can't it be enough for each of us to shine our own light and lighten up the world around us?

Imagine the freedom and lightness you'd feel if you could let go of that which you are not, but instead be who you truly are, who you want to be, to love and be loved for who you are.

When we are lighter and happier we will stop being so judgmental towards ourselves and others. We would be able to send out love and compassion effortlessly.  Could that put an end to the struggle and the suffering?

'We have to move beyond the barriers we ourselves have created and find a new way of looking at ourselves and our experience. If we could see ourselves as we truly are—sparks of the Divine—we could change the world with our immense love.'  ~Dr. Wayne Dyer~

Do you feel lost, stuck, or unhappy right now? Are you in pain, suffering from disease and not sure what to do? Check in with what you believe, and which of your habits are useless for getting you where you really want to go.

What is it you need? Quiet your mind, turn the volume of the chatter in your head down; all those untrue beliefs and useless habits are getting in the way of developing that what you truly are: a powerful light that wants to shine if you let it.


I Am Light Lyrics by India Arie

I am Light I am Light I am Light I am Light I am Light I am Light I am Light

I am not the things my family did
I am not the voices in my head
I am not the pieces of the brokenness inside

I am Light I am Light I am Light I am Light I am Light I am Light I am Light

I am not the mistakes I have made
or any of the things that caused me pain I am not the pieces of the dream I left behind

I am Light I am Light I am Light I am Light I am Light I am Light I am Light

I am not the color of my eyes
I am not the skin on the outside I am not my age
I am not my race

my soul inside is all light all light all light all light

I am Light I am Light I am Light I am Light I am Light I am Light I am Light

I am divinity defined
I am the god on the inside

I am a star
a piece of it all

I am Light

I Am Light by India Arie