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Is it really that bad?

fear numbers pandemic understanding May 03, 2020


I am not an expert in statistics, epidemiology, virology, medicine, or pandemics.
I am just a curious geek who is interested in numbers and research. I am sharing the numbers as they were April 27th in BC and Canada. No judgements or opinions. You can have your own.
My goal with this video is to ease the stress and drama a little bit.
I realize that we won’t know how many people have been expose or infected until enough antigen tests have been done.


Pandemic numbers for Canada, BC, and Interior on April 27th 2020.

**(I also added the numbers as per May 2nd, as it took me a while to make the video. See spread sheet below.)

It's been a few months since the W.H.O. declared a pandemic. The media has been greatly responsible for spreading panic, drama, half truths, or plain lies.

I decided to have a look at the numbers in Canada and BC, and maybe bring some ease and relief from the panic and the drama.

I am not drawing conclusions or stating my opinion. Just reflecting upon the numbers and what they mean.

More antigen testing is needed to make solid conclusions.

I hope this video helps you be less afraid of getting infected and have a better understanding of the risk of dying from this virus.

Compared to seasonal Influenza, these numbers are no where near those numbers yet.

Here are the links to the sites I used for the numbers:




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