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Tribute to my mom

Dec 03, 2016

Tribute to my mom

Life is a journey,
each moment a precious experience.

It seems we are always longing for a destination: our next vacation, our dream home, the perfect job, or retirement.

What would happen if we would make the journey to our destination more important than the destination itself?
What would happen if we would stop hurrying, filled with worry and doubt, towards our final destination, death?

Then we would cherish each moment, the good ones and the not so great ones. We would realize that mistakes are just sign posts along the way, to keep us on track.

We would have no regrets, but instead we would be intensely grateful for all our past experiences, because they are what brought us to this present moment.

Then we would not resist or fear what awaits us in the future.

Our final destination is already a given.

When death approaches we review our journey.
And I am certain that what we will remember are the ordinary, daily moments that filled our hearts with warmth and love. The moments of togetherness and connectedness with our loved ones.

When we die we let go of everything and all we take with us is the love we carry in our hearts. Filled with inner peace.

Every day is a new beginning, a chance to let go and only carry with us the love in our hearts.

Our journey is still in progress, and every day we have a new chance to make a fresh start.

Dear mom, I know your journey was a very special one and I am so grateful I was part of it.

Your last choice was just for you, the journey to your own beautiful spot in heaven.

How bright your light is shining now! The scars from the past no longer in the way, freed from all burdens.

Finally your true self has emerged, you are one with your soul, and you have surrendered to the Divine.

I am so grateful for all I have learned from you.
Your desire for adventure and travel has inspired me to explore the world as well.

You never backed away form challenges, which has given me the strength to not ever give up and the belief anything is possible.
Your love, care, and generosity have instilled the desire in me to uplift people and try to bring light to the world.

You have always given all your love away, always thinking of others first, putting yourself last.

The last thing you had to learn was to love yourself, to realize you are worthy and good enough, that your mistakes are long forgiven and that you deserve to be at peace with God. You had to let go of that which was not true about you. That was perhaps the most important thing I learned from you, to love unconditionally, including myself.

I don’t believe we have to die to let our true selves emerge and there is no need to search for it either. It is simply who we are when we let go of what we are not.

I believe in essence we are all bright lights, beings of love, innocent and pure, wired for connection. Along the way our experiences shape us and we choose how we behave and act. That is what makes us all unique.

I hope I will be able to surrender to my essence and love without limitations and expect nothing in return, so I can send out ripples of love into the world. Just like you, dear mom.
Thank you for showing us all how it can be done.
I will love you always.

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