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Unwrap Christmas

equality peace wholeness Dec 24, 2018

Unwrap Christmas!
It’s not about the wrapper

Words are just like the wrapper around the presents.

Words convey a message, a story, but they aren’t the message or the story. It’s just the wrapper, not the whole content.

Language makes it easier for us humans to communicate, but a lot gets lost in translation.

A word is a symbol, a sound, a combination of letters, that we associate with something. We give it meaning.

The meaning we give to words is learned. Language is conditioning with words.

It’s hard to look at a tree, and NOT think about the word ‘tree’. Of course it depends on what language you speak. A tree has many different words associated with it.

Words are never the thing. They don’t even describe the thing. They are symbols, packaging. An easy way to communicate.

WE give the words meaning. And meaning is very personal.

The power of a story and using metaphors is that we go beyond the word and relate to the interpretation and what it means to each of us individually.

Christmas is a metaphor.
Love is a metaphor
God is a metaphor
Healing is a metaphor

But we use them as words, and that’s were we forget what it means.

All these words, loaded with emotion, mean something different to everyone. It depends on our history, our experience. We have been conditioned to give them a certain meaning.

It’s funny how the world seems to be so stuck on words and language. Have we forgotten the metaphor, the true meaning, the innocence and wisdom?

We are born belonging, worthy, and deserving. We were never separate. Just conditioned to believe we are. That doesn’t make it so.

We are born with the wisdom, knowing the true meaning of everything. Understanding perfectly, communicating perfectly fine, without words, without an agenda.

Innocent and beautiful. All you have to do is look deep into a baby’s eyes and you know this is true.

Until the conditioning starts and we learn language with all the associations. With all the emotions that come with words as well.

Our world is separated and broken, and here we are trying to glue it back together using words, trying to include those who feel excluded.

Laws or global agreements won’t fix this. You can’t make people see with different eyes.

Having a special bathroom for transgenders doesn’t mean equality
Giving minorities equal rights in a law or agreement doesn’t make it so

We humans are not separate, we never were. There are no minorities because we are all one and the same. We trip over the fact we feel excluded and we want to be acknowledge for out differences. Why not instead acknowledge our equality!!

We promote separation because we want to be acknowledged for our uniqueness.
We want to belong and not be excluded.
We feel entitled because we don’t believe we all deserve and it’s a right we need to fight for.

But it is a given. We all deserve because we are born deserving. Nobody can take that away, so it doesn’t need to be given back.

We are all one AND we are all unique. We are not just a drop of the ocean, we ARE the ocean too! We know that when we are born, and then we learn that we are not.

We understand each other far better through metaphors, poetry, or songs, because we feel the meaning behind the words. We hear the wisdom, feel the emotion.

Christmas is a metaphor. We understand it through the lights, the love, the songs, the giving, the caring. It is about innocence, wisdom, clarity. Unconditional love.

We remember, for a moment, that we all belong here, we are one, and there is no need to fight for our right.

Does it matter what we call it? Does it matter what words we use when we wish each other love and light? Peace on earth? Blessings for everyone?

NO, it only creates more diversion and separation!

The only way we can heal the world, to stop it from being broken, and stop people from feeling separate is if every individual stops seeing themselves as being separate.

When you start seeing yourself as a human being, just as worthy, lovable, and deserving as any other human being. We were all once an innocent child, with the wisdom of the universe still clear and accessible.

Unwrap Christmas!

The holiday of light wakes that child up in us, the metaphor of Christmas is seeing the innocence in all.

Directions for your journey to inner peace:
Take some time to be quiet, quiet the mind, sit in stillness
Feel the energy of mother nature, the universe
Feel your wholeness and completeness, being part of it all
Listen to your inner wisdom, not the words or chatter in your mind

Merry Christmas and peace to all

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