What are the odds of you existing as you here and now?

change empowerment miracle Jan 10, 2018

What are the odds of you existing as you here and now?

“What on earth am I doing? Who do I think I am? I am fighting an uphill battle, the odds are stacked against me and I will never get my message out.”

This was yesterday.

Words inside my head. I was listening as I felt my self-doubt eat up all the evidence that I am indeed a loser. Old familiar feelings of shame taking advantage of me letting my guards down.

Does this sound familiar?

I know it does, because I hear my friends, family and clients talk about this at some point.
Self-doubt is a huge problem for many, but it doesn’t have to be.

How can I forget the truth of who I am so quickly in a moment where things just don’t seem to work out the way I want them to? Old familiar beliefs that I thought I had let go of eager to grow more roots:

“If I could just settle for less, everything would be fine right now.”

It is tempting, but staying put or giving up is not an option for me. And I know from personal experience that settling for less is not what I want and will leave me feeling unsettled. Giving up is a poor choice.

Now, it is hard to even imagine that less than 24 hours ago I believed I was an idiot and ashamed of my inevitable failure.

Things are always working out for me, and I don’t stay stuck for very long. Without exception, my moments of forgetting who I am and feeling like a failure because things are not working out are followed by proof that they DO work out. Always.

I’ll hear or read something that is exactly what I needed.


Not at all. I expect it. I ask for it, expect it and than go about my day doing things that I enjoy the most. I never dwell on anything that isn’t helpful or supportive to me. I learn from it and move forward.

I have a great working strategy that gets me back feeling inspired, energized and excited. Ideas flow and I forget all about settling for safe and comfortable. I am here to realize my dreams and nothing is going to stop me. Not even ME. I know what to do to get that great feeling back.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because what inspired me today is so amazing and offers such an interesting perspective that I felt the impulse to write this and share it with you. It is so exciting to me, because it is another anchor for me to pull myself up when I need to get unstuck. Maybe it can be that for you too!

Reading this made me feel as if I would never be able to settle for less than feeling and being amazing ever again.

Have you ever wondered what the odds are of you being born as you? The time, the parents, the DNA, all that makes you unique?

The probability of your existing at all: 1 in 10 2,685,000

Read the full article here: What are the chances of your coming into being?

As a comparison, the number of atoms in the body of an average male (80kg, 175 lb) is 10 27.  The number of atoms making up the earth is about 10 50.  The number of atoms in the known universe is estimated at 10 80.

You are a miracle!

If you truly are a miracle, and you are, how does that change how you feel about yourself, talk to yourself, treat yourself?

The thought that crossed my mind, “If I could just settle for less, everything would be fine right now”, is ridiculous, an insult to the miracle that I am!

Doesn’t this motivate you to change for the better, take powerful action, love yourself and have the courage to be yourself?

Stop dismissing what you want. Chances are, when you dismiss what you want long enough you will forget what it is you really want.

You can make more of your existence, and be excited to be YOU, when you make different choices.

Some of you will resist this truth that resonates with me. The truth being that we are all unique miracles.

Why do some people resist this?
Because it means they need to make different choices. It means to stop defending that they are doing just fine when they could be doing better.

So many people get defensive when faced with something that challenges their beliefs. They become more stubborn about what they see and believe.

It is so hard to change. It feels so uncomfortable to make a different choice, to go after what you really want. It’s just easier to forget about what you want and keep going through the motions. Live on automatic pilot.

I am not here to challenge you or disagree with you.

You are a miracle, whether you believe it or not.

Life is just a whole lot more fun when you believe you truly are a unique miracle and you embrace the flow of positive change that this belief will bring. If you are a miracle, so is everyone else. It makes it so much easier to be loving towards yourself and others knowing that we are all unique miracles. How would that change your life?

To overcome your inertia you will need an initial amount of energy and effort. The first step is the hardest and it takes courage.

When you do, you will find a whole new world of fun and opportunities that will make that first step more than worthwhile.

What is it you want?

Can you accept that you are a miracle?

What is the first thing you would do to make a change?


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