"I started with no expectations and slowly found I could not wait for the next post, I found myself reading them over again in case I missed something. I could relate, it allowed me to feel and to grow and understand. "


"I am so grateful for the challenge of changing negative thoughts to positive thoughts and happy to do the work within myself to accomplish this. Thankful for the encouragement. The tools I am acquiring are very helpful. "


"Erna has a fabulous outlook on life. Her perspective helps others to define their priorities while helping them realize their own qualities. An excellent course to uplift, and create a more joyful life!!"


"I can honestly say that the change in my life has been dramatic. I have laughed more than I have for such a long time and that feels wonderful! I have much more energy these days, and I am more motivated. I like the person I am today."


How coaching helped others

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