Health is Yours

It is a choice. Make it your choice.


One of the biggest reasons a health crisis exists is self-rejection. It is a global epidemic. The simple truth is you can become healthy again by accepting yourself. Completely, Unconditionally, Consistently.



You are wired to be a brave woman, not fearful.
You are wired to be a strong woman, not fragile.
You are wired to be a healthy and vibrant woman, not feeble and prone to disease.

You are tough, resilient, and competent.
You can handle the truth, you have a voice, you deserve to go after your dreams.
You don’t ever need permission to claim your important place on this planet. You MATTER.

Own all of you, love and accept all of you, and boldly express your truth.


You are in the right place.....

if you recognize some or all of these symptoms:

STAGE 1 survival:

You are wasting precious time and energy dealing with: stress, worry, self-doubt, fear, insecurity and overwhelm. You get triggered by stress, worry, certain people, responsibilities, media, the future, the past, or events. You let your attention get sucked into the problems in your life.

STAGE 2 survival:

Most of your time is spent struggling with overwhelm and stress. You are juggling too many responsibilities, you’re not looking after yourself, you often feel drained. The pressure you feel makes you anxious. You say ‘no’ to social events and activities, you don’t plan fun things for yourself. Your body is achy and tired, you don’t sleep well, you are emotional and reactive, and at times out of control. You feel empty and unmotivated.

STAGE 3 survival:

You are struggling with discomfort, pain, or health issues. This is now taking up your energy and attention. Which makes you feel incompetent, unproductive, and fearful about the future. You frequently feel impatient, irritable and frustrated and you get easily upset. Which creates feelings of guilt. You may even start to feel a little depressed.

Nobody is in a stage of survival all the time, but everyone is in one of these stages of survival some of the time or most of the time, moving back and forth between all these stages.

Every time you let stress, pain, people, or events trigger you, you give your power away. And you move away from health.

You are so much better than that!

There is nothing I want more than to wave my magic wand and make you feel like the SUPERWOMAN I know you are.

But you have to decide it’s time to go for growth, and allow health to come back to you.

Don't stop here. This is where growth starts. Growth=Health. And there is always room for growth.

Growth is the opposite of survival

It is this simple: you are either in survival mode or growth mode. Only when you are in growth mode are you moving towards health.

I can help you get there. I can help you find:
Relief, health and well-being, energy, confidence, strength, inspiration, motivation, joy, and freedom from all these triggers that cause you to react and make you feel you have no choice.

When you decide to work with me I will guide you to where you have a choice and a voice.

You decide to take back your power, your health. Accept your Self. Feel alive again.

No guilt, no doubt, no shame, no pain, but ULTIMATE FREEDOM.



Work with me

Nobody can do it alone, we all deserve support. Be Brave enough to say YES to you.

Emotional pain is just as real as physical pain. I believe there’s just PAIN. Emotional pain will express itself physically when it doesn’t get dealt with.

Physical pain is accepted. Emotional pain not so much.

I help you deal with pain and discomfort, physical and emotional, from the inside out. The problem and the solution are within you.

Knowledge is power and understanding is the basis of change. Nobody wants to change if they don’t understand WHY. I learned this from my patients as a physiotherapist.

  1. Know your WHY, your big reason.
  2. Learn about what health is and how to get there; it is the only SOLUTION, and the only PREVENTION.
  3. Take courageous, inspired action to create healthy choices and change.


I created 3 levels for you to choose from.

  1. Basic, Do-It-Yourself level.
  2. Monthly membership group coaching and classes.
  3. Individual support level. Support from me personally to help you implement change. This is where the rubber meets the road!


Mindset Coaching and Mentoring Packages:

  • Power Alignment Coaching: 1/2 day intensive (3 hours plus one follow up)
  • Power Alignment Coaching: 1 day intensive (5 hours plus two follow ups)
  • Power Alignment Coaching: 2 days intensive (5 hours per day, three follow ups)
  • VIP Power Alignment mentoring: 2 months on demand, with five follow ups. Up to 6 sessions per month, plus 'on demand' access to my email, text or phone.

All coaching packages require an intake first (free intake conversation).

Choose from 3 levels of support




1 : 1 Coaching Packages






BASIC LEVEL: Outsmart your Brain

Basic online support. Do It Yourself.

Knowledge foundation.
This basic program contains 4 modules with online videos, providing knowledge about pain, stress, your brain and health.

You will:

  • learn what pain, stress, and health are all about
  • learn how the brain and nervous system work together with your body
  • understand how the body and mind work together and how you can make them work for you, not against you
  • learn how to get from survival mode and move towards growth mode
  • learn what true self-care is and why it is important
  • bonus: mini training on dealing with self-doubt and emotional eating
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VIP Personal COACHING. On demand COACHING and support. By application. Limited availability.

In this 2 month program you have my undivided support and attention.

You will get up to 6 coaching sessions per month, 1:1, 60 minutes each, via Zoom.

You will have access to me through messaging, calls, email. I will answer questions, be your personal mentor, coach, cheerleader, truth seeker, and truth speaker.

This mentorship requires serious commitment of your time and energy. I won’t tolerate any excuses. Nothing but tough love, truth, and inspiration.

Hard work on your side. Hard work on my side.

My goal is your growth, your health, your success. I don’t take 'no', or 'I can't' for an answer.

Send me an email if you are really serious about your growth.

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I'm right here waiting for you!

You know yourself. You want the one-on-one support when you need it. You want to hear the truth. You don't just want encouragement but you want to be held accountable. You are SERIOUS about your growth. You are ready for a transformation. I'm ready for you.

Outsmart your Brain


Online modules

Video training

Online support

5 weeks

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Master Growth

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One-on-one coaching/mentoring

Email support

Follow up support

1/2 day, 1 day, 2 days

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Boost Health Beat Stress

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Monthly Live online Coaching

Monthly Live online Class

Live Q&A

2 group sessions per month

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