"I started with no expectations and slowly found I could not wait for the next post, I found myself reading them over again in case I missed something. I could relate, it allowed me to feel and to grow and understand. "


"I am so grateful for the challenge of changing negative thoughts to positive thoughts and happy to do the work within myself to accomplish this. Thankful for the encouragement. The tools I am acquiring are very helpful. "


"Erna has a fabulous outlook on life. Her perspective helps others to define their priorities while helping them realize their own qualities. An excellent course to uplift, and create a more joyful life!!"


"I can honestly say that the change in my life has been dramatic. I have laughed more than I have for such a long time and that feels wonderful! I have much more energy these days, and I am more motivated. I like the person I am today."


"I signed up for Erna’s coaching sessions for business purposes.  She gave me clear and concise exercises outside of our wonderful sessions to daily journal and set concrete goals.  This really helped me get clear about what is important to me and what I want to accomplish – not only with my business but my LIFE, and I hadn’t really taken the time to look at that whole picture.  She gave me excellent tools for ensuring self-care, visualization, and daily reflection - in other words a road map that works for ME to stay on track and have success.  But the BEST part of Erna’s coaching is that I now have the ability to shift from feeling stuck to feeling empowered whenever I hit low points or obstacles.  This mindset work takes practice and dedication but it’s so worth it to break old patterns of negative thinking and replace them with positive ones.  I highly recommend Erna’s coaching program for anyone that is looking to clarify and solidify business or personal goals."

Barb S.
Professional Organizer

"I cannot say enough about how Erna and her life coaching have changed my way of being. I came to her with concerns that I felt I had struggled with one way or another for a very long time. Despite many attempts to address these matters and way of thinking, nothing has helped, until I met Erna. She listened intently and gave me such wonderful validation as well as answers to my questions that truly resonated with me. She also gave me great tools with which to move forward. I honestly feel like a completely different person; peaceful, hopeful and full of happiness and even bliss! The tools I now have keep me on the path that I have always wanted to be on. If I head off on the rumble strip, I know how to get back. I am enjoying life, and living it to the fullest, in abundance and joy, as it should be!"


"I have recently completed a 3 month Women Empowerment Revolution course with Erna Stassen.  I found the course to be so thought provoking, mind changing and life changing. She taught me how to respond in situations which previously would have stopped me or caused me to get caught up in emotions.  This course was very empowering.   I would highly recommend it to any woman.  "


How coaching helped others

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