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Don't worry, everything is out of control

mind control mind training minset self-empowerment social fear suffering Aug 10, 2021

Panic is a state of heightened worry, fear, and as a result, counterproductive action. Nothing good comes from it.

Unless of course, you are responsible for intentionally unleashing fear, through propaganda and information causing confusion, fear, and panic.

Then, panic is a great way to control people who live in fear and you can get them to do almost anything you want them to do as long as you promise them relief from the source of their fear.

(Watch this video: "MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL")

Most of these fears are irrational, and the promise of certainty and relief is misleading and deceitful.

The reality is that there are only 5 things in life we can be certain of, and all five of those things, ironically, are the cause of uncertainty, fear, and panic in most people’s lives.

In other words, people seek certainty and security in vain.


A truth that nobody wants to hear:

The only sure things in life are the things we fear most! There is no security, no safety, no certainty in life. NONE.

Also, nobody else is responsible for our suffering, we are all personally responsible. No-one or no-thing is to blame. 

This search and need for certainty, safety, and security causes a perpetual state of suffering in people’s lives, with now and then a moment of relief when they believe the lies they are told.

Nobody, no matter how powerful or knowledgable, not even the experts, can guarantee people safety from disease or disaster, or security.


The 5 certainties in life:

  1. We age
  2. We get ill
  3. We die
  4. We lose everything we love along the way
  5. What ever we do, good or bad, we are responsible for that outcome
(from the Buddha's teachings, source: "Life is a near death experience" by Ajahn Sona)


Things often do not go according to plan.

All kinds of things can happen.

We think of it as things have gone wrong, and they happen to us.

But life is neutral. Things just happen. They don’t happen to us. Life is not against us and what happens is never ‘wrong’. It is what it is.


“Don’t worry, everything is out of control” -Ajahn Sona

The reality is that we are never really in control. Our mind wants to believe we are.

Our mind seeks security and control. The brain moves us towards certainty and security, wishing it was some other way, being surprised or horrified with the unwanted. Refusing to think about these 5 certainties is not the way towards well-being. It is the way towards suffering.

You have a choice: to suffer or NOT.

If the only way you can feel at ease is when you feel secure and stable, free of doubt, you increase your suffering.

When you make peace with the fact that life is never ever secure and never fully safe, you move towards resilience.


When you get more comfortable with this wisdom, then, those that try to capitalize on your fears have no power over you. You recognize the lie when you hear them promise something that they will never be able to deliver on.

All the drama and catastrophizing by the media does not have any effect on you when you make peace with what is. You are immune.

All the information that is out there to intimidate and create fear, you’re immune to it.

Uncertainty is the constant dilemma we are living with. Seeking information that gives us certainty and grasping at it, whether this information is true or false, is how we try to solve this dilemma.

That is a big mistake.

The truth has nothing to do with all of this. People, thirsty for certainty and safety, will drink from the poisoned well of ‘knowledge’ when it promises them what they seek, unaware of the harm and suffering it causes them. They worship the religion of The science.

A good example is the trust people have in government and public health. They don’t want to make sure the information they get is true or not. They don’t care. They want to feel safe and be told what to do to be safe. The truth, in this case, is a threat to them they don’t want to see or hear about.


Another example is the Big Bully With Many Tentacles ( Mr. global, government, public health officials, and all authorities pushing a false narrative and breaking laws and our constitutional rights) trying to intimidate and censor those who are trying to stand up for their rights and freedom.

Don’t let them succeed!

No matter how bad it is, the last thing we want to do is give the bully what it wants. They are baiting us! They want us to react and interact with their lies, they want to cause division. They want us to lash out, or feel discouraged and unmotivated. They want us to give up.


The last example is about the silent majority:  the bystanders. They watch as the bully slowly gains more power. Silence is acknowledging agreement with the bully, in the bully's eyes. It feeds the bully.

It is scary to speak your truth, it feels unsafe, uncertain and it creates more insecurity. The fear of loss is stronger than the integrity of truth. The bully wants us to feel small, insignificant. “What can I do about it, I am just one person and I have no power”. If you hear yourself say or think this, you are letting the bully win.

You are powerful and you are significant.

Whenever uncertainty or insecurity or fear arises, no matter what the reason is, it will make us less powerful. This is why we need to do the work on the INSIDE.

The only way to end this cycle of seeking certainty and the irrational fear we have around those 5 things we can be certain of, is to accept the reality of the 5 certainties in life.

The way to embody this is to recognize them and make peace with what is. No matter how bad.

Making peace with what is does not mean that you condone the crimes committed. What it means is you are stepping into your power, so you can firmly stand in your truth. It means you are not causing your own suffering. You accept the pain and deal with it in a powerful way. From a place of ease, where you can be assertive, strong and powerful.

Then, uncertainty is not a source of fear, but a source of potential!

Don’t worry, everything is out of control.

And all is well.

From this place of peace, we can stand strong, not fear standing up for our truth, and not fear doing the right thing!

Keep your chin up and your eyes to the sky. You are NOT alone.


With LOVE,


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