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Thanksgiving: a plea for reconciliation

gratitude love peace reconciliation thanksgiving Oct 09, 2017

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

The only thing I feel grateful for is LOVE. Love needs all my focus right now, so I am thankful for love. ALL the love in the world.

Last night I had a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner with friends. I am thankful for my friends being there with me.

The beautiful thing about the evening was that I felt so much love. All of my friends were obviously feeling secure and safe, knowing that they are all loved. Knowing that they are accepted for who they are. No pretences, no judgements, just fun, laughter, genuine interest and compassion.

A microcosm of the world at large.

I need to see that in my world, make it all that I see. Feeling safe and secure, feeling loved and accepted. No judgements, lots of compassion and understanding.

What the world needs today is to be thankful for the love that is there. Focus on the love that is everywhere.

Seeing only hate and fear is a lie. Looking at the love and feeling free of fear is not sticking your head in the sand, it is essential to rise above the lie we tell ourselves, the untruth we are bombarded with. Looking only at the hate and negativity is just as much sticking your head in the sand. It does not deserve so much of our attention, it does not deserve ANY attention.

I don’t believe we need to be reminded and rubbing our faces in all the terrible things that are going on in the world, all the horrible atrocities that are happening. Never in human history has that changed the way things are. ‘Let’s not forget’ is not working very well.

The hate and destruction in the world is becoming the excuse to feel fear and let that fear be the reason to stop loving and living.

All the hate and destruction should be used as an excuse to love more, love furiously and unconditionally. It should be the reason for freeing ourselves from the fear and deliberately love more. Love will free us from the hate and fear.

We have just never tried long enough, in human history, and hard enough, or followed through with love. It appears to be easier to go back to old habits of fighting wars, settling disputes with force. Old habits die hard. But saying 'it is just who we are' is a blatant lie, a dangerous excuse.

So go out there today, tomorrow and the day after, and ever after, and be thankful for the love. Deliberately love, live and love like your life depends on it, because it does.

Love with all of you heart, yourself, the other and every living being that you encounter on your path, let it spread like a beautiful weed.

Persistent love will make a difference.

Thank you all, I love you all.

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