Get the Good Vibes going!

Good Vibes are an antidote to doubt, anxiety, uncertainty, and overwhelm.

There is enough going on in the world that is stressful. I am sure I am not the only one who has moments where uncertainty and frustration get a hold of me.

I want to get together with human beings, online for now, have uplifting conversations, and create some good vibes. Let's find out what it means to be HUMAN, together.

Free membership gives you access to live zoom meetings, AND a video library with videos created by me to support and uplift.

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Get the Good Vibes Going!

How does this work?


When you click the button to "Get the Good Vibes Going" you will see a page where you can sign in with your preferred email address and sign up for free.

You don't have to check the first box if you do not want to receive emails from me, but you do have to check the second box to continue.

Then you get to create your own account and password that will allow you access to your own 'library'. This is where you will find  "Good Vibes".

Once you are in the 'Good Vibes' section, you will find a welcome post with information and housekeeping.

There are two main categories:

1. Live virtual Gatherings

Virtual Gatherings will be held on ZOOM. The date, time, and special zoom link will be posted by me. You will receive a notification by email from the program to let you know. (You will not receive any unrelated emails from me, unless you signed up for my email list!) Feel free to join these meetings when you can.

2. Video library

Here you will find videos that you can watch at any time.


Why Not Give it a Try!

Get the Good Vibes Going!

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