Unwrap Christmas

equality peace wholeness Dec 25, 2018

Unwrap Christmas!
It’s not about the wrapper

Words are just like the wrapper around the presents.

Words convey a message, a story, but they aren’t the message or the story. It’s just the wrapper, not the whole content.

Language makes it easier for us humans to communicate, but a lot gets lost in translation.

A word is a symbol, a sound, a combination of letters, that we associate with something. We give it meaning.

The meaning we give to words is learned. Language is conditioning with words.

It’s hard to look at a tree, and NOT think about the word ‘tree’. Of course it depends on what language you speak. A tree has many different words associated with it.

Words are never the thing. They don’t even describe the thing. They are symbols, packaging. An easy way to communicate.

WE give the words meaning. And meaning is very personal.

The power of a story and using metaphors is that we go beyond the word and relate to the interpretation and what...

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