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The REAL cause of the current crisis: An irrational fear of death and disease.

anxiety disease fear growth health personal development stress uncertainty May 22, 2020


“Economic hardship: Yes, very bad, not death. Emotional stress from being locked in a house: Very bad, not death. Domestic violence on the increase: Very bad, not death. And not death of someone else,” Governor Cuomo.

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, said the economic devastation is ‘not worse than death’.

I beg to differ, strongly. This virus is not worse than domestic violence, abuse, desolation, and ongoing emotional stress. But:

Who am I, or who is anyone to decide which sacrifice is justifiable?


His statement is wrong in two ways:

1. The virus is deadly

(99%-99.9% of people that get infected with the virus survive, although the numbers are so skewed, nobody really knows...)

The public is suffering from anxiety, fear, and worry about this virus because they have been convinced that this is a very deadly virus and we should do everything we can to prevent the spread of infection. First, we were told to stay home and social distance in order to flatten the curve and avoid overwhelming the health care system.
Now, it is to avoid the spread of the virus. The curve has planked, and the global economy is flat lining.

Some say it’s a good thing. The economy is not as important as health and capitalism is bad anyway. This is very narrow minded thinking.
This thinking fails to recognize that it is not about money. By taking away people’s livelihood you take away their purpose, fulfillment, independence, self-sufficiency, and sense of dignity and self-esteem. That is a real threat to health and it’s just as deadly. 

People are forced to rely on the government to feed their family. What we are seeing now is a dangerous imbalance between the power of the government and the liberty and rights of the public. It is unhealthy, and yes, it is far worse than this virus.

People are dying from other serious health problems because they are not going to a hospital when they should. Essential healthcare has come to a halt, hospitals are more  than half empty. Elective surgeries are postponed, which includes those with cancer and those with excruciating joint pain waiting for a joint replacement.

The fear of the virus is irrational, because it appears to be not (much) more deadly than a bad flu. The spread of misinformation is a big issue.

Do you worry about getting the flu every year and do you stop living your life and stay at home until the flu season is over? I don’t think so. And it would not help your immune system very much. Being exposed to your environment with all the pathogens is what strengthens your immune system. Only if you have a weakened immune system should you take serious precautions and stay home. Or, if you are sick of course, stay home.

Nobody can stop the spread of the virus, it will run it’s course eventually.

Don’t fear the re-opening of the economy. And if you do, work with your fear, don't judge or criticize those with a different perspective. Reconcile with the inevitable.

Take personal responsibility for your health by taking good care of yourself and your family. There are so many ways you can boost your immune system, which is your very best defence!

The government's financial support should be available for those that are truly vulnerable and have a weakened immune system so they can't expose themselves yet. The more people can go back to work the more support for those in real need is available.

Only you can decide what is best for you.

This is not the only irrational fear. It goes deeper than this. The second way the governor’s statement is wrong:

2. Death is the worst thing that could happen.

In the western world especially, people have an irrational fear of death and disease. Irrational for a different reason: Life itself has a 100% mortality rate!! The one thing you can be 100% sure of is that you will get sick and you will die. It is a natural part of life, and you know the moment you are born, you are destined to die. Death is inevitable.

Living in fear of the inevitable is no life. Nobody can keep you safe. Not even the health officials, medicine, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, or the government. When you are able to reconcile with the inevitable instead of fearing it, you can move on and live your life. You will never really feel fully alive unless you are ready for death.

Some people get a thrill from tempting death by doing extremely risky things. You don’t have to go that far though. Think about the relief you would feel when you no longer have to worry about dying.

Unlike what mainstream media and governments want you to believe, the truth is ‘Safe’ doesn’t exist.

Pain and suffering are part of life. Going through life trying to deny this truth is the cause of suffering.

Efforts to do what it takes to stay safe and sacrificing living your life is a shame, and futile.


Besides ignoring the reality of death, humans cling to anything that is positive, safe, and good. Which is another cause for suffering because it never lasts.They spend too much money, time, and effort on material things, on looking good on the outside, and on instant gratification. But this good feeling never lasts. They go looking for the next thing that will make them feel better, trying to out run not feeling good.

Humans have a nagging in their mind going on, a constant inner dialogue. They worry about their health, money, relationships, their career, and other people’s opinions of them. Overwhelm, self doubt, and fear cause a lot of stress in their lives, and eventually this affects their health.

Now they have a real problem. “This should not be happening!”, they think. They look for an ‘expert’ to solve their health problem. I have seen these patients in my practice daily when I had my own physiotherapy practice. Too many of them suffering unnecessarily.

Life is about taking full responsibility for yourself. Oh, how much easier is it to just listen to the experts, and do what they tell you to do without questioning. The illusion of keeping safe is comforting. We all want a mother or father figure to take over.

But we are adults, are we not?


The hardest part of growing up and adulthood is understanding that:

  • you are responsible for yourself, the good and the bad parts, your success and your failures
  • you have to make your own decisions, and fix your own problems, and
  • you have to hold yourself accountable and be self reliant

There is nobody out there that can live your life for you or decide for you, nobody and nothing to blame your hardship on. Nobody to protect you from the dangers out there. It is part of life.

What you can do is make yourself strong, resilient, take good care of yourself and be self reliant and self-sufficient.

Do your best, be your best, and keep aspiring to reach your ever expanding potential. In other words: never give up asking more of yourself for yourself.

The object of living is not safety. It is expansion, growth, taking on challenges, doing things that are worth the risk. It is failing and making mistakes, but not giving up. Instead, you learn and get back into the arena of life.

How much are you willing to invest in yourself to face the reality of life, let go of the irrational fears and cultivate real feelings of joy, well-being from the inside, no matter what the circumstances are?

What would it take for you to start living your life, putting in the effort to reach your full potential? To find balance and harmony in your life between your business/career and your personal life and family?

It's time to let go of the illusion that you have any control over your circumstances, other people, governments, mother nature, and the nature of life.

It is time to find your true nature and reconnect with it, so that you can feel alive.


Do you wish to reconcile with the inevitable and deal with your fears once and for all?

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