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From uncertainty to possibilitiy

anxiety empowerment fear growth mindset self-develpment success transformation Apr 26, 2020

Master your mind

What blocks you from seeing possibilities is fear. How do you shift from uncertainty to possibility, when fear is a product of uncertainty?

BE OPEN and challenge information itself!

This is for the more advanced thinkers out there.

In the quantum world there is nothing but possibilities. We choose only one reality by observing it and making it so.

What if all of the information out there is a possible truth? What if nobody is wrong or right, or everyone is a little right and a little wrong?

What if the information you base your reality on is limited, incomplete, or even wrong?

When you are living with fear, even if that fear is running in the background and you are not always aware of it, your ability to reason and question information diminishes, or disappears. (Read my previous two blogs to learn what you could do about that)

Questioning is for the more advanced thinkers who are able to shift from a Survival mindset to a Powerful mindset. It is for those who are willing to do the research, look for other available information, dig a little deeper.

  • When you are able to better control your response to all the threatening information, you can challenge yourself to become an original thinker, and actually think NEW thoughts and form your very own NEW opinion about what is really happening in your life right now.
  • Or better yet, think about what you would WANT to see in your life. Search for information opposite to the source of your fear. What do you want? Your brain is like a search engine and it will start looking for evidence of your imagined reality.
  • Let go of the idea that you need to look for ideas that are possible (in your mind) and opinions that you agree with. You don’t have to look for like minded people that only validate and confirm your opinion, so you don’t feel threatened. And others don’t have to agree with you either. This only creates an inauthentic sense of security and confidence. Your brain loves certainty and it will look for evidence that confirms what you already believe. But by doing that the juicy, complex truth remains forever hidden.

Fear spirals out of control and accelerates when you do not allow other, or new ideas to enter your realm of perception.

You would rather be right even if it doesn't feel good. Your brain is protecting you, keeping you in survival mode, looking for trouble and finding it.

You would rather avoid uncertainty, even if the certainty you choose is one that keeps you stuck and will have you sacrifice an important piece of you. Your brain hates uncertainty, and would not have you take any risks.

For example:

People that believe they are right about this pandemic being extremely dangerous. Look at all the 'evidence'. It's easier to dismiss information that contradicts this, as it challenges what they believe is true. They would rather stick to the certainty that it is dangerous and sacrifice their freedom and stay locked down. They even go as far as to harshly criticize others presenting different information.

Question everything that evokes fear. Question everything that makes you feel righteous or judgmental. Question yourself.


The power of fear

Fear is a powerful tool used to control behaviour. We can see how well this tool works right now in the world.

Division is born out of fear. Fear of 'other than you'. Fear of the other breeds hate and creates polarity.

We seek to side with those that agree with us, and fight the other side, make them into the enemy. We close our minds to protect ourselves, to protect our self-created representation of the world based on our perception, not realizing that our perception is a grossly biased representation of reality.

I challenge you to truly open your mind. An open mind is curious and genuinely interested in opinions of those you do not agree with, those we have decided we don’t like, those whom we have put in the opposite camp and labeled 'the enemy'. When you are able to listen, learn, and see their point of view without feeling threatened, your mind will open.

There are no enemies out there. The only enemy is your own mind.

The more nuance you can identify between right and wrong, good and bad, the more articulate your thinking will become.

It is an ongoing challenge, a live long journey towards deep respect for all human beings, regardless of their specific race, gender identity, religion, political view, career, status, citizenship, etc.

Life is a never ending search for your own Truth and a quest to never stop reaching for your ever growing potential and becoming your best possible self. When you make becoming your best self your main goal, every day, you will have no time to blame others or judge them.

Ironically, the more you focus on your own personal growth, the less self-indulged you will be, the more selfless you will become.

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