Hope is a seed

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2016

Hope is a seed.

Hope is the tipping point where things can go from worse to better.

A few great books recommended in this video: ‘Power versus force’ and ‘Letting go; the pathway to surrender’, by David Hawkins.

Never give up hope!

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Reality is just a perspective

Uncategorized Jun 26, 2016

Reality is just a perspective.

Why is it that we predominantly focus on things we do not like in our life?
We explain why things are not going well, we talk and think about how bad we feel, we complain and we argue for our limitations.

The truth is it is a choice which truth or reality we look at. It does not serve anybody to focus on the negative facts.
Why not focus on the positive facts?

What you look at makes you feel either positive or negative. Wouldn’t you rather feel good??

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Who Cares?

Uncategorized Jun 25, 2016

Who cares?

When you often think ‘better be safe than sorry’, it can block you to reach your full potential.
The result is procrastination!

Monitoring thirty thousand to fifty thousand thoughts a day is impossible. To unblock yourself and get over procrastination it is important to figure out what the main thought processes or beliefs are that block you.

Do you let yourself of the hook, with many, reasonable excuses? Do you protect yourself from the opinion of others? Are you worried about what others think?

Nobody can ever like you enough for you to like yourself. All that matters is your opinion of you!

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This is so not me

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2016

This is so not me.

Change is not easy. Making changes just by changing what you do, where you live, or your career is not enough.

Inner change is necessary to re-invent yourself
When a life changing event happens, you experience an identity crisis. And you have to re-invent yourself.

The inside has to change with all the outer changes. The journey on the inside is harder, and the transformation is not complete without an inner revolution.

Looking after yourself is considered selfish, but is that really true??? And is selfishness that bad???

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Medicine for the soul

Uncategorized Jun 23, 2016

Medicine for the soul.

Treat yourself to some peace when you feel overwhelmed.
Feeling present helps to re-focus your mind.

Being where you are and being aware of all your senses, pay attention to your senses will calm you busy thinking mind down.

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The second jump is easier!

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2016

The second jump is easier.

These posts are not about life’s struggles but about the journey to overcome them.
Once you experience that the consequences of jumping are not as bad as you thought they were, it becomes a little easier. Change too becomes easier once you bust some myths, change your beliefs and realize your past experience is just that: past. It is not your future! And your beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking, and they can make your world and your life very small. You can become a victim of your circumstances and a prisoner of your own reality. You say ’NO’ to life and you don’t feel alive anymore, and you feel you don’t belong.

Do you really want to keep hiding under a rock??

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Jump for the thrill

Uncategorized Jun 21, 2016

Jump for the thrill.

Does your life ever feel like your standing on the edge of a cliff and you are not sure whether to jump or to turn back??

The decision to jump is scary, but it could also be the thrill of a lifetime. Not jumping can leave you feeling relieved and safe but with a tinge of failure or regret.

Thinking about change and doing something new and scary in our life can feel intimidating. We resist change and make excuses, such as waiting for the right time when the conditions are perfect. It will be better if we wait. This will never happen.

It is not the jump we fear, but the consequences. We overthink what could happen, and usually we think about all the worst case scenarios. We don’t jump because we are afraid of what can go wrong.
We make up stories about what can go wrong and create an illusionary reality based on our past experiences, our beliefs and our current mindset: pessimistic or optimistic?

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A solution for Health

Uncategorized Mar 30, 2016

What if a solution for disease is already here and the global health crisis is an illusion?

I know, it seems threats to our health and our environment are overwhelming. Viruses, resistant bacteria, cancer, Alzheimer disease, the list of things that can go wrong is scary long. Still, the global health crisis only exists because of all our attention to it.

This causes a lot of fear. We look to authorities to save us and protect us from disaster, we wait for them to come up with a new vaccine, or a new miracle drug that will either protect or cure us of all the dangerous viruses that can make us sick or diseases that can kill us.

The real threat, however, is the fear. We think the cure is whatever the authorities come up with: the antidote, the vaccine, or the new miracle drug. Mass hysteria can cause a desperate run for the vaccines, without questioning it.

All the focus on disease and threats to our health make it look like we are under a constant threat.

Our mindset is primarily...

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How to deal with feelings of overwhelm

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2016

What to do when you forgot that you are always enough

Do you sometimes feel you are just not good enough when you read all the well-meant advice and information that is available on the internet? Social media can bombard you with positive quotes, and blogs about how to be mentally strong, happy, positive, successful, healthy, better, stronger, or make more money faster.

Then there is all the information in the news and social media about all the things that can make you sick, broke, kill you, and the proof that the world and humanity are close to the end, and it’s all our fault. It can suck the life right out of you.

No wonder so many people shut down and put their heads in the sand.

Unfortunately, many also give their power away and give up the effort to look after themselves, as they don’t see the point.

The excuse I am hearing much too often is: “well, I’m gonna have to die of something, might as well do and eat whatever I want”. That puts all of our...

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How to find peace in chaos

Uncategorized Feb 04, 2016

The importance of keeping an open mind (and heart)

Keeping an open mind and not blindly following and believing what you read and hear is so important in this time where information is so abundant. We have to think for ourselves and question the information put in front of us, especially when it concerns our health and well-being. And doesn’t it always concern our own health and well-being when you think about it? This is why people get so defensive about what they believe because it is so personal.

The more aggressively science, or an opinion, is defended, the more I question it. A big red flag goes up for me now. It’s easy to get misled by opinions backed up with solid science.

However, science itself is nothing more than a hypothesis, and scientists often will find data that confirms what they want to find. The other unfortunate thing that is happening is that some scientists are deliberately manipulating data to get a desired outcome. The driving force is no longer...

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